gift a concert

Do you have a loved one who is staying in a care home, who has always loved music? The perfect gift for them could be a live music concert performed by professional musicians in their place of care. Whether they love classical music, jazz, pop tunes, folk groups or musical theatre, we can tailor a concert to suit. For just £150 (£125+VAT) we will work with you to arrange a live music session in cooperation with staff at the care home.

Call the team on 01932 260810 or email to discuss your enquiry.

ln response to the inevitable pre-Christmas questions as to “what shall we buy granny” my wife suggested we all contributed to a concert for her and her friends at the care home. Music has always been an important part of her life and sadly at the age of 98 she is able to respond to little else—but she certainly did respond to your two musicians! So many thanks to you and to them for providing a memorable occasion for all.
-Peter Cusa, January 2013.